Tau Etherial


Aun’O Sa’Cea Kalo M’yen, also known as Aun’Kalo or simply Graywind, is the Etherial in charge of the Tau forces on Kau’Rela. Serene and graceful, those in Graywind’s presence say it is as though all outside cares are forgotten. Graywind commands unswerving loyalty and respect from the Tau under her, and is known to take great concern for each member. Though she is regarded as first among equals, she maintains that every particle of the force is as important as another. Graywind has been sent by the Great Leader Aun’Va to oversee the fringe of the Army of the Third Sphere and has recently taken a sudden interest in re-taking the former Tau colony moon of Kau’Rela.



The Battle For Kau'rela Irin