Decryption File Reference: 314-18U-BCIG-02
Datestamp: 8.885.999.M41

Priority Rating: Alpha
Origination: The Moon of Kau’Rela
Subject: Re: Intercepted Tau Transmission

+ Transmission +
Probable Tyranid infestation in the Eastern Fringe. Markings similar to Hive Fleet Behemoth splinter fleet believed to be wiped out. The Xenos Tau had been developing heretical terraforming on the moon, possible forward base for Fourth Sphere expansion following recall of Imperial presence from Zeist campaign. Sections of the Dark Angels, including 6th company master Jevriel are responding to the threat and attempting planetfall. Remaining Tau presence as of yet unknown, but Tyranid threat appears to be growing rapidly in biomass.

Relay to Inquisitor Schilling only after his return from Mejcol.
The Emperor Protects
+ End Transmission +

The Battle For Kau'rela

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